What is the difference between a Celebrant and a Civil Registrar performing your marriage or civil partnership?
1.A Celebrant will work with you to craft a personal ceremony, make your vision a reality and create meaningful memories.
1a.A Registrar delivers a standardized off the shelf ceremony which can be over in as little as 10 minutes.
2.A Celebrant can deliver a service which is as short or as long as you would like.
2a.Registrars may have a number of weddings scheduled on the same day. This could mean that if you are too late, your ceremony is unlikely to proceed on that day.
3.For the time being, Celebrants cannot complete the legal documentation. However due to the personalisation of the ceremony, most guests at weddings wouldn’t even realise that the legal aspect, hasn’t been included. I include a certificate signing in my ceremonies. Couples just pop to the HSE a day, a week ( whenever suits) and complete the 5 min paperwork exercise.
3a.Registrars can legally complete the paperwork for the marriage documents.
4.A Celebrant can deliver a ceremony anywhere you choose. This can be in your garden marquee, under the stars, on a beach, during a street party, on a rustic farm, sailing down the river or flying through the sky. Your venue is only limited by your imagination!
4a.Registrars can only perform services in a registered venue which must be a permanent structure with four walls and a roof.
They usually stand with the couple in front of them so that your guests only see your backs.
5.Your Celebrant is chosen by you and will have on-going contact leading up to the ceremony so you will feel at ease with their approach.
5a A registrar is allocated to your ceremony by your registry office with no input or choice from you.
6.A Celebrant brings your ideas together and works with you to make it as personalised as you like. You can have readings, songs and rituals such as a warming of the wedding rings by your guests and the lighting of a unity candle.
6a.Registrars must keep to the script with no embellishments or personalisation allowed. They cannot allow any religious music or readings so there are limitations in your choice of wording, music and content for the ceremony.
7.Your Celebrant arrives early to ensure that all participants are in place and aware of their role for the day.
7a.A Registrar arrives just before your ceremony starts and does not require you to be there more than 10 minutes before.
8.If required, a Celebrant will ensure that the couple feel reassured by doing a rehearsal
8a. Registrars tend not to do a rehearsal although some may for an additional fee.
9. In Ireland  registrars for the most part do not work on the weekends.
9a. A Celebrant can deliver a wedding ceremony anytime anywhere.
10. A Celebrant can include a blessing or a prayer or reading of your choice if that is what you would like.
10a. A registrar does not typically include prayers etc. A humanist does not include any religious aspect.

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